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Can your twin flame be sending you pain?

Yes. You can sometimes channel your Twin Flame’s pain. This happens because you have a shared energetic vibration — it is something that you cannot explain in layman’s language. You feel soul intimacy. You feel energetic oneness. Whether a Twin Flame is happy or not, you feel it. Twin Flame Telepathy Signs

Have you ever felt suddenly unhappy without any situation causing it? You feel as if a grey cloud is hanging over you. You cannot shake it even though you try to distract yourself. Sometimes it starts with a quick energetic rush. A sudden feeling of either joy or sadness rushes through you.

When I went through the night of the soul phase, I felt miserable all the time but our shared energy soothed me. I felt comforted within. I felt hopeful during moments of doubt. I always knew that he was with me. I never felt alone: I felt inspired to keep going ahead, especially when I felt like throwing in the towel. I kept moving forward even when I felt discouraged. The Positive vibes helped me with having better days

There was this one time when my Twin Flame was grieving. He had lost his grandfather. I felt his sadness. I felt his grief. I knew that he was going through a challenging time.

I have learned to embrace his pain when it comes through. I let it pass without trying to control it because I cannot control how he feels. When I channel his energy, I always send him love in my heart in the form of a love prayer. If you are struggling with Self-love, here is a simple beginner Guide.

It is important to grow empathy every time you think of a Twin Flame. There might be a terrible distance between you but it does not change how you feel for each other. Once you are triggered, there is nothing that can alter the course of your journey. You learn to open your heart fully to embrace unconditional love as you progress further.

Meditation has also been so helpful for me — learning to stay mindful. To always be in the moment. To feel aware of the connection. To feel the shared energetic connection without inner resistance. To feel the beauty of unconditional love within me. To be aware that I am a Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!
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