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How can I stop chasing my twin flame and let him chase me?

Two things; Yes, you can Surrender and stop chasing your Twin Flame, and secondly, you can’t make them chase you or want you because you are already bound in unconditional love for eternity. They already love you.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits
Most people will advise you to find self-love but how do you begin to love yourself if it is a new experience?
Why do you need self-love to let go of your Twin Flame?
The simplest explanation for why you need to love yourself is because you are a mirror to your Twin Flame. You are two parts of a soul — and if you love yourself, you are also loving your Twin Flame in essence.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal
Also, if you know how to love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to accept the love from your Twin Flame. You can’t appreciate love if don’t know it.
As you begin to embrace self-love, you will gradually re-discover your authentic self. This is the person that your Twin Flame feels connected to in the connection and you must live a life of authenticity to enjoy feeling the bliss of the connection.
When you are in chaser mode, you are vibrating from low-energy vibes because you feel negative and frustrated about your Twin Flame’s running behavior and this brings about chaos in your connection. Your Twin Flame can feel the energetic imbalance.

If you need simple tips on how to manage the pain of separation from your Twin Flame, try this.
But, once you find the courage to accept things as they are, and you surrender — just letting go of the stress to control the connection brings harmony to the energetic connection.
The more you keep working on yourself and heal your energy, the more you will feel the energy of oneness with your Twin Flame. The shared energy becomes more blissful and you feel yourselves merging into each other.
This is the phase where you stop missing them intensely because you feel them within you: Telepathic communication improves, and you feel them in your dreams. You become more peaceful and faithful to the connection because you are satisfied with the 5D aspect of your experience.

How to Manage Twin Flame Separation 
The runner has to first feel love within themselves. If he or she has abandonment issues, they have to confront their pain.
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Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run? It is very painful trying to keep up with a Twin Flame runner.
This change within the chaser brings about a change in the energetic dynamic because the Twin Flame who was running feels the growth and improvement.
This is when the runner tries to reconcile because they miss their divine partner.
Therefore, you can’t make your Twin Flame want you if you are not ready yourself.
It takes two to tangle.

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I’ve been trying to move on from my “twin flame”, but when I had sex with someone else it felt so wrong and I wanted to cry. Why can’t I find happiness with another person?

It is because you have Soul INTIMACY with your Twin Flame. You have a sacred bond that goes beyond what the mind can comprehend.

Always Connected in Soul: You can’t escape your Twin Flame.

Because of Soul intimacy, you feel like you are cheating on your Twin Flame whenever you have sex with someone else.

I gave up on pursuing other relationships. I stopped deluding myself that I will feel happy with someone else. I am enjoying being single, as I prepare myself to reunite with my Twin Flame.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits

Whether Twin Flames like to accept the truth or not, having sex with other people as you Awaken to your Twin Flame connection is a blockage of your shared energy with your partner.

When you are purging emotional pain or if you are dealing with healing your core wounds, you want to stay away from tainting your energy. You need space and solitude to heal first.

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What do I do if I am feeling stuck again on my twin flame journey?

This is normal to feel this way. But, even if nothing seems to be working on the Twin Flame journey, there is always some progress going on. This is why it is very important to let yourself feel every emotion that you feel.

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?

Here are some things that I did to move from feeling stuck:

Are you resisting a certain aspect of your journey? You could be resisting channeling certain feelings your Twin Flame sends your way. You could be resisting thinking of them. Free yourself my acceptance to embrace your feelings.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits

 • How is your quiet time like? It could be that you are spending your energy around those who are in low energetic vibes. Having quality time replenishes your energy — solitude is a blessing on the Twin Flame journey because it allows you to focus on yourself.

 • Do you meditate? — Meditation is as simple as taking time to quiet your thoughts. The more you quiet your thoughts, the more you will feel connected to your Twin Flame within. Having clear energetic contact with your Twin Flame improves your telepathic communication. Once you have clear, understandable telepathy with your Twin Flame, you stop feeling alone.

Awakening — The Twin Flame journey is an accelerated energy-purging process. How do you keep a Positive energetic vibration?

 • Surround yourself with positivity — since the Twin Flame journey is about rediscovering your authenticity, focus on accumulating positivity, and happiness in your life. You start with self-love, and then you will progress into living an authentic life.

 • SET GOALS — What would you desire to achieve after everything goes back to harmony? If you desire to have a healthy physical relationship, will it be temporary or forever? What do you picture your perfect life scenario as? Who would you love to be when you are together in a union? How do you picture your responsibilities to be in a union?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

Setting goals will not only give you HOPE to keep going with your Twin Flame journey but you will work on yourself every day having the end in mind.

Having the end in mind will empower you to focus on the big picture. You will not feel doubtful of your connection, and you will occupy your daily routine with meaningful goals that work in alignment with your desires.

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Does the Runner Twin Flame feel how you feel? Do they miss you as much as you miss them?

The runner enters the 3rd phase of grief called bargaining.

Because of the panic and fear of losing their Twin Flame, the runner starts to wonder what they could have done to make the situation better.

They start to think “What ifs.”

If that is not enough, they can choose to mask their feelings behind a new relationship to deny feeling anything real for their chaser. They start to wonder if the connection was real or not.

This is also the “Awakening” phase of the Twin Flame runner because all the confusion and questions throw them into a phase of Soul searching to understand why they can’t move on from the chaser no matter how many other people they try to date.

A chaser’s surrender is a runner’s Awakening: TWIN FLAME REUNION: The Beginning Of Forever: These simple Tips helped me to initiate a reunion with my Twin Flame.

My runner experience was lonely – I missed him all the time. I was infuriated by the fact that I was still living in a space of fear. Eventually, I healed myself and reconnected with him after two years. 

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Does the runner twin flame feel the chaser surrender?

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What changes how the runner Twin Flame feels are the actions of the chaser because the chasing activities lessen, and the chaser sometimes gives up ultimately to obsess about the connection.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal — These are simple tips for a beginner.

If the Chaser Twin Flame was using social media to give messages to the runner — the runner is always checking the partner’s social media even if in hiding because this is how they keep track. Sometimes they create fake accounts to hide because they don’t want to miss out.

The simplest way the runner realizes that the chaser is moving on is that the times you post on social media decreases and when you do, it is about you i.e Self-love posts. This gets them panicking because they wonder if you forget them.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How to Recover from Separation. How do you focus on your life instead of trying to control the relationship?

In my case, I deactivated my social media altogether — I went quiet and he noticed. In the first post I put up after reactivating my account, he was the first one to like it.

Apart from social media, once the actions of the chaser lessen, the runner starts to feel the emptiness because they miss being chased. There is no runner without a chaser.

This pushes the runner into panic mode because they wonder if they are losing the game.

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What is the Twin Flame Runner’s perspective?

In essence, Twin Flames are the same and both of them are capable of either running from the connection or chasing the other.

For me when I ran from my Twin Flame, it was because I was overwhelmed by my feelings and I told him so before I blocked him out of my life physically after we physically separated three years ago.

I regret how I delivered my message to him that I was going to block him out of my life yet I was feeling immense love for him deep in my soul. 

Running from my Twin Flame caused a contradiction between my Soul and my mind.

I could not understand why I could not stop thinking of him and I kept remembering his eyes. 

I also was confused by the chaotic emotions that I felt because meeting him triggered a Spiritual Awakening and my Soul was calling me to find my authentic self.

I was not ready for the catalytic change that my Twin Flame encounter brought into my life and I was afraid of facing myself because the Spiritual Awakening triggered my inner pain and core wounding.

I thought that once we physically separated since we come from different continents, I thought that physically blocking him out of my life would help relieve the emotional pain that I was experiencing.

The more I put up an inner resistance to feeling the Twin Flame connection, the more I missed him so much and life only became worse than before. 

The Spiritual change took over my life and it did not stop even though I resisted feeling the connection.

Apart from feeling inner change, I was also experiencing changes in my physical life situation: I had to change my friends, family relations, and social circles. 

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Change is very difficult to embrace at first but as time progresses, the Twin Flame journey becomes interesting and you learn to enjoy every aspect of it whether you describe yourself as a runner or a chaser.

Once I found healing and enlightenment, I sent a long letter to my Twin Flame to explain to him why I behaved coldly towards him when I was running. I apologized for hurting him by trying to block him out of my life abruptly without a legitimate reason to justify my behavior. 

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How does the twin flame runner cycle work and why does it happen?

I have learned two lessons about why the runner cycle exists. One, it exists to teach us that love is greater than the human condition. Twin Flame love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. Running from a twin flame is out of fear — you feel overpowered and disarmed. You feel vulnerable and exposed in every way. He or she sees right through you. So, running out of fear of love is a learning lesson: to learn to open up yourself to embrace unconditional love with yourself and your twin flame.

Running in essence is not the physical activity of leaving a twin flame. It has layers to it. When you analyze your running behaviors, you are running from yourself. You are running from parts of yourself that don’t accept unconditional love.

When you feel unworthy of love, you automatically run from it. You don’t want to associate with anything that reminds you of the love that you are hiding from — including your twin flame.

It takes a while to embrace parts of ourselves that we think are unlovable. Self-love is the beginning f healing. It is indeed the greatest revolution.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!

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How do you express your feelings to your twin flame?

The fear of confronting a Twin Flame — is the moment of truth.

It is very alarming to catalyze the truth that your Twin Flame mirrors to you both your fears and deepest desires.

The moment you sit down to write a letter, an email, or make a phone call to talk to your Twin Flame, you feel frightened.

Your heart beats fast. Your mouth gets dry. You react the way most people do when a plane loses an engine.

You are always afraid of initiating contact because of the unprecedented feedback recourse yet the silence inspires you with terror.

You approach the idea of telling your Twin Flame how you feel with an apprehension that you will not feel embarrassed once you let the truth out.

The moment of truth is when you have to sort through your thoughts and emotions to figure out the best way to be adroit.

The time for running, planning, and talking are over — you have to let your Twin Flame know the truth of your heart.

The moment you wish to reach out to your Twin Flame to let them know how you feel, you feel like you are about to be swallowed by a big black hole.

The one question that goes through your mind at that moment is; “How do I start?”

The best time to reach out to a Twin Flame is when you feel no fear holding you back. When all is the prospect and clear in your mind.

The problems only arise when you start to have negative thoughts about your Twin Flame’s response before you attempt to reach out.

When you have expectations about which kind of feedback you will receive, you feel crippled with fear.

You will never succeed in fulfilling your expectations.

Telling your Twin Flame how you feel never turns out as embarrassing as expected. It never is as bad as you think.

The first awful thing about making the attempts to reach out is that you realize that the feedback to wish to receive is not going to be as great as you envision.

Once you let your Twin Flame know how you feel, it is no longer a secret. It is left to your divine partner to process the information and give you their feedback however they wish.

Your Twin Flame can choose to be surly, and insolent towards you.

When you have the fear of receiving negative information from a Twin Flame, it is easy to panic, get emotionally blocked, or give up communicating with them altogether as an impossible dream.

It is an impossible dream; there will never be a right timing to express your feelings.

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What signs does the twin flame runner receive from the universe during separation as a reminder about their twin?

When a twin flame chaser becomes tired of chasing would you say that energy is felt and transferred to the runner?

From my experience, you feel like your Twin Flame is alive in you. You feel the connection being complete, and you feel in sync with your Twin Flame energetically. 

The dynamic of your energetic relationship changes, and you can feel the energy pull or push.

You wake up to your Twin Flame’s energy; you feel their love so strongly and it’s like your heart merges with theirs. Your hearts begin to beat in alignment with each other’s flow.

Once my Twin Flame woke up on the other end of the connection, my healing accelerated but my energy first became heavy and I went into another quick phase of energy cleansing. I was experiencing symptoms of the night of the soul on behalf of my Twin Flame. This was three months ago.

A month ago, I was attacked by a wave of sadness, I started weeping and I knew right away that it was him because I am happy with myself and my life. So, I texted him and said; “I feel your pain, are you okay?” Of course, he never responds back but after I texted him, I felt better.

Feeling this intensity and change in our connection only grew stronger. These days, my heart is radiating with love and I am constantly having heavy feelings of euphoria. I have this imminent feeling of trust in the amazing future to come.

Your dreams also change once your Twin Flame awakens, it’s like you are living inside each other’s minds. The mind chatter does not stop and you keep feeling the embrace of your Twin Flame’s essence.

Once your Twin Flame starts to work on healing their energy, you feel it too and your combined shared energy becomes purer and light. You feel the love connection grows strongly moment by moment as you merge more and more in essence.

It’s been a while since my Twin Flame woke up in our connection and I have also experienced moments of his energy purging. Lately, it is just pure bliss flowing between us and I know deep down that the storm is over. Both our pains feel healed, and I feel ready to move on to a new chapter of our lives.

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Once you are ready to see each other again, you just feel ready to meet your Twin Flame again.

I am ready and I know he is too!

Stay Blessed!

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What are some tips for helping your twin flame through the runner stage?

Let’s agree that sometimes the runner acknowledges and accepts the connection but he or she understands that the timing is wrong. It could be that you have inner issues to work on. It could be that you still have karmic issues to clear like relationships, marriage, etc. This is the physical reality of some twin flame situations.

The nature of your physical reality can also affect your spiritual connection with each other. This is when one of the twin flames tries to control the situation. Defy the rules of the physical nature of your twin flame situation. This is one referred to as the chaser twin flame.

When you look at it from a spiritual or energetic perspective, the twin flame running and chasing is not as physical as it seems. The issues affecting the nature of their physical reality run deeper within each individual partner. Since they are both mirror souls, their issues correlate — that is why the divine masculine energy balances the divine feminine and vice versa. It is an ebb and flow of divine energy.

It is all about balance: there has to be energetic harmony in each individual twin flame to create the third unified twin flame energy of oneness. This is the reason why you are able to anticipate your twin flame’s feelings and needs. You can sometimes guess what he or she is thinking. You can say and feel things at the same time. Your twin flame awakening triggers your third unified energy.

If either or both twin flames feel chaos within themselves; issues to work on, core emotional wounding, past pain, etc, it causes chaos within your unified energy. You keep having endless running and chasing cycles.

So Focus on healing your energy, and do all the work that you need to do on yourself. Rediscover the authentic version of yourself. Become that person that you would want to be in a relationship with.

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