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How do you know for sure that you are even a twin? For the past year, I’ve been having events implying the idea of the dark night and TwinFlame. But I don’t know if it even applies to me. I just know 1 thing I have always felt incomplete.

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One thing for sure about a twin flame is that whether you are aware of it or not, the sense of incompleteness is always with you in everything you do before you meet a twin flame. You don’t feel delighted whether it is making connections with other people or accepting who you are. You always feel like something is missing within — like nothing is completely enough.

Then when you meet a twin flame, you feel complete automatically. All the broken pieces within start coming together to make you whole. You start to feel a realignment with your natural authentic self. You feel alive for the first time. You feel content no matter whatever situation that you find yourself in.

One important note: When it comes to twin flames, when you know, you know. You have no doubts about the connection. The connection drives you to seek more understanding of what is happening to you. It is so natural that you find it unbelievable that such an experience could ever happen to you. It is until you find other people who have similar experiences that you can relate to that it all starts to make sense to you.

If you are saying that you experienced events that imply the aspects of a twin flame and night of the soul — try to examine the situation with an honest perspective.

The truth is that you can not just wish to have a twin flame or choose him or her. They just are your twin flame and nothing you can do can change that truth.

If you genuinely believe that you are going through a twin flame experience, just don’t worry about it. Everything will just happen to you without any of your control. The changes that turn your life upside down are unmistakable. And you will not miss out on the intensity of the chaotic emotions that the twin flame connection brings.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay blessed!


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Why am I being more positive about each twin flame separation in dealing with it in a more positive manner?

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Well, this is the ultimate feeling for every twin flame to aspire to. That positive energetic vibration. Feeling negative about the twin flame situation takes as much energy as feeling positive. There is no downside to feeling positive. You only rise higher if you choose to feel optimistic and hopeful as you progress further.

Every twin flame must know that there is nothing good that comes out of a negative attitude. You have to choose right from the beginning of your journey to either embrace every aspect in a positive manner or dig yourself deeper into negativity and doubts.

The main reason why you feel positive about separation is that the journey has taught you how to trust the divine. You trust your connection and the truth of your intuition. You also understand that there is no aspect of your journey that you can control but yourself. You have also learned by this stage that separation from a twin flame is an illusion. You don’t feel separated at all — you feel his or her essence with you all the time. Their essence is always merging with yours.

I hope that my perspective helps you with answering your question.

Stay Blessed!


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How do I know the anxiety and dread that I felt when I went through the DNOS on the twin flame journey, is mine or hers? It just comes out of nowhere at times, I go from a feeling of surrender to a DNOS state.

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I think I know what you mean by anxiety and dread. I have been on this Twin Flame journey for over four years. I still randomly feel unexplained anxiety that is not particularly mine. It never used to happen to me until I met him.

I feel like this is part of the spiritual aspect of the twin flame experiences that is challenging to explain to a non-twin flame.

It is such an overwhelming feeling when you channel anxiety that is not yours. You cannot control the intensity of your emotions. You feel instantly rattled up without a direct cause.

For me, when it’s my anxiety— it is easy to calm myself down. I easily figure out a solution because I can easily tell the trigger. When it’s my Twin Flame, it is such a restless feeling. Sometimes it quickly passes and other times, it lingers on. If it persists I feel endless desolation. I feel in purgatory. Usually, I just let all the alien feelings pass through me.

I hope that my answer helps you.

Stay Blessed!

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Does the Runner feel how you Feel? Does he miss you as much as you miss him?

No matter how much I stressed him out with my chasing, I didn’t doubt his love for me. I could feel him pull me into the connection all the time which compelled me to chase him further.

I was new to the Twin Flame experience and I did not realize that my behaviors were part of the running and chasing phase.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How to Recover from Separation

There are times when I stopped chasing him and he would pop back into my life by liking one of my social media posts or he could call my housemate and he would stay on the phone asking about details of my life. This would trigger me into another phase of chasing him back.

Even though my Twin Flame would rarely talk to me, I never doubted that he loves me. I always had the affirmation that no matter what strange thing I do or say, he knows my soul.

TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul

I always know that my Twin Flame understands me in a special way that nobody else understands.

I recently told him that I have been waiting for only him. I am ready to face it all.

I am ready for change and our Forever.

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Has anyone ever talked to their twin flame about twin flame connections during the runner/chaser phase?

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I have never discussed with my twin flame about the twin flame connections. I feel the connection and I know that it is real. We both acknowledged the bond. Everyone around us also noticed that we have a very sacred special connection.

I think that if you try to talk to your twin flames when he or she is unawakened, it can trigger them to run further from you which prolongs the running and chasing phase.

Remember that it is quite to articulate your feelings to your twin flame — you will sound insane or delusional if you try to explain the twin flame phenomenon. I would rather you let a twin flame explain his or her experiences and compare notes.

Let your experiences demonstrate the nature of your connection. The beauty of the twin flame connection is that you cannot fake it or hide from it. Soon or later, you will both need closure from each other to move on.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!