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Despite all the love I feel and vice versa, there is a hesitancy for me to completely accept my twin flame and I feel he feels the same way too. Why?

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When I went through this, I had underlying core wounding, past pain, and personal fear that my Twin Flame reflected me which caused a repulsion between us because he had his issues to work through. – 11:11 – Awakening.

I completely understand how you feel but the good news is that that phase passes as you work on healing whatever issues you need to work on.

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My self-fears caused me to put up a resistance against the love that I feel for my Twin Flame and I ended up running away from the connection but of course, running doesn’t work because it only intensifies the pain, fears, and separation anxiety.

Just because you encounter your Twin Flame, it doesn’t mean that you will Accept everything about your experience.

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Since everything happens so fast, and intensely, it is okay to take a step back to analyze your situation. It takes some time to absorb the chaos involved in the Twin Flame process because everything about it is disruptive.

Acceptance is key to the success of your healing + Surrender and Learning to let go.

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For you to Surrendercompletely end let everything flow as it is supposed to, you must accept your Twin Flame partner, your Twin Flame experience, and yourself. Once you accept, you stop resisting your connection and the Twin Flame’s love and vice versa.

Twin Flame Fears I hope that my experience helps you with your question. Blessings!

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