Divine Masculine

Hello my beloved, Welcome to the battle within self to rediscover your True Authentic Self and unconditional love. I must warn you, it is going to be a real Cleansing Spiritual Journey for your soul. You will feel free to love and accept love unconditionally.

Congratulations my love you have officially awakened to try love and we are going to both work together to uplift conditional love both in ourselves and the world around us.

But first, we must be ready to embody unconditional love. Whatever made you reject our love has to be faced to heal from the past pain. There is no distance between us but our wounds and pain may blind us from love and we feel separated but I know we are not separated and you know it too! We have always been together and forever we shall be eternally. This love goes beyond this lifetime.

You already know how I feel about us. No matter how many times you have pushed me away, our love brings us closer without our control. The universe reaffirms our love and we keep gravitating towards each other.

Yes you hurt me by rejecting us but how can I be angry with myself? That pain pushed me to learn about myself, accept my dark demons and past pain to become my true Authentic Self.

Thank you for making your way back to us. I am ready to try this journey physically together. My heart is always open to you my love unconditionally forever.

Are you a Devine masculine runner who just woke up to love and your beloved? Here are some tips to consider before you initiate contact with your Devine feminine.

Remember, you hurt her by denying yourself love from her. It’s not their fault that you were not able to accept love but she is human to be angry, upset or even not wanting you in her life anymore.

You will be surprised by what people do when they are hurt by those they love the most. Especially the half of your soul. It kills all the joy, passion and taste for life. And that affects a man’s will to Live life. So don’t blame your divine partner for the choices they made after you rejected them.

The good news is that this shift in you is everything to the connection and your divine lover will always love you no matter what! She also feels the shift in her too. If you are happy within about it, there is a chance they already feel you opening your heart to them.

In my connection, I was the one rejected so I know how it feels to be your partner.

What can you do?

Immediately reach out to her no matter what you anticipate their response would be. Be honest with her about how you feel and what made you reject connecting to them. It helps for their mental and emotional processing of it all.

You must understand that also she got confused by what you did or why you did it to distance yourself. She has been looking for closure all this time and as a human, being honest helps with the situation.

Also, your partner may not be expecting your return. They may have just let it be and moved on so be gentle when you contact her. A lot of change has also happened for her. She is not the same as before when you were together. So be prepared to Suprise her.

Lastly, you already know her and how she loves you in the connection. Don’t dwell on the past. Love her back when you contact her, you know her favorite things, and would make her happy so just use Love as your Super Power. It already is anyway.

Also, there is a reason why you are waking up to the Love now. Your divine partner must have reached a certain stage in her soul growth so be prepared to do your work to match her vibration.

You are already home my friend! Your divine partner has been waiting. What you seek is seeking you!

Congratulations again! Good luck!

☀️ – Silvia Moon

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