The Runner Traits

When you meet a Twin Flame, the connection triggers alchemical changes within yourself. Your encounter is a catalyst to the transformations. When you start changing within, you also change your physical life situation, relationships, friends, and acquittances. Your energetic vibration aligns with your life situation. How do you know if you are the Twin Flame Runner or The Chaser?

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There is always an inner resistance to change. It is normal to feel afraid of the new. The uncertainty of the future brings feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Change is the only constant during the Twin Flame journey.

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You also fear breaking down the barriers within you. You are afraid of facing your inner pain — You know that it has to go. You know that you have to find inner peace. You want to feel free of fear. If you are struggling with Surrender, here are the simple tips.

To overcome the inner resistance that you feel, you must find the inner strength to face your fears.

You realize that you have so much pain lodged within. You must break your heart open to your truth. You have to accept yourself; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To win the Twin Flame inner battle, you must allow yourself to heal. Healing begins with self-forgiveness. You let go of guilt, worry, fear, self-doubt, and all the negative feelings. Here is how to Heal and Recover from Grief as a Chaser Twin Flame.

If you choose to go through the Twin Flame experiences with an open heart full of love and faith, every phase becomes easier.

If you feel an inner resistance to the connection and the love emotions, you feel like the obstacles that you encounter during the separation phase are insurmountable. MARRIED TWIN FLAMES: Survival Guide

Feeling an inner resistance to love makes every situation dire and miserable. You have no sense of direction or purpose. You feel isolated from everyone around you. You generally are unhappy.

Finding happiness as a Twin Flame is the epitome of inner freedom. To feel happy, you must find balance within. You have to accept who you are. You must accept your Twin Flame and your experiences. Twin Flame Red Signs: Signs of an Authentic Twin Flame connection.

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