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Do Twin Flames get jealous when others give their counterparts attention?

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I have never met anybody jealous over me as my Twin Flame gets when other guys give me attention.

One time, I introduced him to my male friends — my Twin Flame looked so intimidated by their looks; he commented — “They are in shape” with such a condescending tone. Sometimes when he does not say a word, his face changes color when he is upset. He always wants to be the center of my attention.

I get jealous when I see my Twin Flame getting attention from other women. I become agitated when I see another woman touch him.

When I met my Twin Flame, he was single. I was married. We both did not know that we are Twin Flames to each other. He was free to date other women as long as I did not have to get involved.

He always wanted my blessings; he connected to an online dating app. He could show me the profiles of other women as if he needed my blessing to date them.
I did not know that my Twin Flame would be the most important person in my life right now. I did not understand three years ago that I would still feel connected to him the way I do. I think of him all the time. He lives inside me.

This past thanksgiving, I made friends with a cool guy. He cooked for a bunch of us — inner circle friends. I kind of like him because he reminds me of my Twin Flame. I know that even if I tried, I can never fabricate the Twin Flame connection.

I do not advise you to make your Twin Flame jealous thinking that it would bring him or her back. You cannot force a Twin Flame to be in a union with you if you are both not ready to confront the situation.

I posted the new guy’s photo on my Instagram. My Twin Flame contacted home immediately. It is as if he wanted me to know that he still exists. He sounded threatened that I was beginning to move on.

There is nothing that you can do to influence your Twin Flame’s actions. You can only hope that you will have enough time to enjoy your reunion. It depends on how fast and willing you are to overcome the challenging obstacles standing between you and your Twin Flame.

Love is always the answer

It has taken me almost three years to feel free and ready to see my Twin Flame again. Even though I chased him, I knew that I had issues within myself and in my life situation to solve. I knew that even though my Twin Flame returned, we would never have been happy. I had to clear my space and my life to accommodate him.

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