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Do Twin Flames get married to each other?

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When you meet your Twin Flame, you feel a divine force pushing you to merge with him or her in every aspect of your life. You are already merged in the soul and conscience. You feel it.

If you did not wish to get married or make a family with anyone, you instantly change. Your life situation takes a new trajectory; looking in your Twin Flame’s eyes makes you feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams.

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The Twin Flame connection makes you understand why love exists. Love is everything; happiness, freedom, and life.
When you attend a Twin Flame wedding, everything is effortless. The couple has a halo. They shine with light. Everybody in the room can see it. You can feel the love radiating from Twin Flames.

Some Twin Flames create the most beautiful families because of the wonderful positive energy vibration they share. Twin Flames families are full of happiness and awe. You feel the love when you walk into their home.
Twin Flames are the epitome of love.

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The rough separation phase that you go through is a distinct stage of your journey because you learn the most complicated lessons of love.

You learn that it hurts to be away from a Twin Flame. You feel disoriented; you feel lost and helpless until they come back to you.

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Twin Flame Union is a natural state. You are one with your Twin Flame. Any situation that stands to block you from each other is a lesson in itself.

Always work with the flow of your Twin Flame process. Trust divine timing to bring you back together.

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You are meant to experience unconditional love. You deserve your blessings of being a Twin Flame. Believe in your love connection. You will see your Twin Flame again.

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