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Do you ever feel your Twin Flame’s Pain?


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You know what, let’s face it and acknowledge how emotionally chaotic being a Twin Flame is. Sometimes I feel lovesick all day because the intensity of the connection gets so strong and I feel helpless without focus on anything important. Apart from channeling their bliss, you also channel their longing for you.

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Twin Flame Union Guide
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Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners
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Twin Flame Selfhelp Tips
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Twin Flame Union Tips
Signs a Twin Flame loves you

It is a weird feeling to know when someone is missing you because you feel unexplainable sexual and love pull towards them. Love is true and real when you don’t force it —- you open your heart completely to experience the intense chaotic euphoric feelings. Lately, I feel healed and ready to move on and live my life I hope that I find happiness as I journey on through life. I am focusing on creating meaning and joy in everything I do. I Surrender to the Universe.


Signs a Twin Flame misses you.
Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners
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Stay Blessed!

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