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Do you leave your unhappy marriage for your twin flame? I was struggling to keep the marriage, but finding out my twin flame turned my world upside down.

There is no guarantee that once you leave your marriage, you will end up with your Twin Flame. Everything is a process, and it takes time for the results to happen.

When I left my marriage, some people who don’t understand what Twin Flames are assumed that I was just obsessed with a love spark outside my marriage yet it was always an intense spiritual connection with my Twin Flame.

I am now single and I am realizing the meaning of happiness without needing to feel connected to my Twin Flame.

If you are leaving your marriage, don’t do it for your Twin Flame because if any of your expectations don’t go as planned, you will blame it on your Twin Flame.

I understand how complicated the situation gets when you are married by the time you meet your Twin Flame. Sometimes you doubt how you feel wondering if you are using your Twin Flame experiences to justify your actions.

Use your integrity and let your intuition guide you through make making your choices. Do everything for yourself!

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