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Do you regret being the Twin Flame runner?

I have been thinking of this lately. I remember when I first ran from my Twin Flame. I did not know then that it was a Twin Flame experience. I was very overwhelmed by the intense Twin Flame feelings.

I tried to talk to my friends about my situation; but no one understood me. It sounded very complicated to anyone who is not a Twin Flame.

I would never have transformed, grown, and evolved into my authentic self if I did not run from him. 

Before I disconnected from him, I knew deep in my soul that the connection is real. I also knew that if he felt the same, we would eventually run into each other again.

When you meet a Twin Flame; you acknowledge the connection, you have no fear of losing them.

You also acknowledge how sacred the bond is. 

The runner goes through a series of regrets when they miss the presence of their divine Twin Flame partner.
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