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Do you sometimes hear thoughts of your Twin Flame?

One of the reasons why I ran from my Twin Flame was because I was overwhelmed by the intense feelings that the connection brought when we physically separated. I was constantly thinking of him and change became the only constant in my life.
Before I blocked him, I told him that I love him without any expectations and I was overwhelmed by the chaotic feelings that had come over me because my mind could not understand what my heart was feeling.

Even though I asked him not to talk to me, I was thinking of him daily and I could also have mental conversations with him in mind and sometimes I felt like our souls were whispering to each other.
Every time I closed my eyes, I could see his face, and my dreams were always filled with him.
I could not hide from the Twin Flame connection even though I was running from my Twin Flame and I was confused why the energetic merging escalated in intensity.
I had to let the Twin Flame connection consume me as I accepted the new life that my Twin Flame encounter brought in my life and I accepted that I will always feel connected to him.
Once I accepted my Twin Flame, I embraced the constant mental conversations and the unending telepathic communication.
I never feel alone even though we have been separated for three years, and I trust that he feels the same way because I can hear his thoughts.

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