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Do you still feel the attraction to your Twin Flame if you are married?

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Twin Flame love is effortless, and the attraction is natural because of soul intimacy and energetic merging; the soul intimacy that you share with your Twin Flame is eternal – it goes beyond this lifetime.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you feel an uncanny familiarity because of the eternal bond — and you know deep in your heart that your life will change forever because your energetic vibration instantly changes.

When you are in the same room with your Twin Flame, you cannot take your eyes off each other; the energetic merging that you both feel intensifies the attraction.
You are always in awe of the beauty of your Twin Flame — and they carry a light within themselves that magically lights up your world.

It is more than a physical attraction between you and your Twin Flame because you feel connected energetically, emotionally, and mentally.


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When you hug your Twin Flame, bliss washes over you. You feel all the inner pain dissipate: Your Twin Flame brings so much comfort to you like a warm blanket on a cold day. Twin Flame love brings you endless joy, bliss, and inner harmony.

There is no end to the Twin Flame connection; there is nothing you can do can that sever the bond no matter what you try to do.

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If you have been previously married before you meet a Twin Flame, you realize that all the love relationships that you encountered before were purposely to prepare you to meet your Twin Flame.

If you allow yourself to fully open your heart and accept your Twin Flame love connection, you also allow yourself to grow.


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When the Twin Flame connection is real and authentic, a reunion is bound to happen for you; it is something that you cannot control.

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