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Do you think all twin flame “runners” are the unawakened twin flame?

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In my case, I believe that the runner Twin Flame is very much aware of what is going on. They assume that running away would make the situation easier. It is not the solution to the problem of course but it is the easiest way out at that moment.

I believe that it is also the runner who triggers your running behavior. You keep wondering why you are ghosted out of the blue. You keep chasing them because you want to find out why. You want to confront the situation. You think that it is your fault that everything is happening. The chaser always feels the guilt — you believe that you confronted your Twin Flame, and you can get the answers.

Of course, the chaser has issues to confront. You wonder why it is harder to walk away. Even though it was easier to walk away from previous relationships before.

In essence, both Twin Flames are aware of the connection even though you are naive about the Twin Flame phenomenon. The connection is what triggers your search for answers. You want to know why you feel the way you do. You also want to figure out if other people have been through the same situation.

Stay Blessed!

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