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Do you think that the ego gets in the way of the runner Twin Flame’s journey?

My Twin Flame said to me that I have no ego, but I do. It is because my ego dissolves when I am with him. I feel disarmed when he is present and he breaks down all my ego walls.

On the other hand, his work and profession are centered on having an ego and looking powerful. He said that his work is all about having power.

When he is with me though, his ego dissolves as well. He shows me a side to himself that is vulnerable, defenseless, and childlike.

I always hang out with his inner child because my Twin Flame shows to me the cutest and silliest side to him.

During physical separation though, my Twin Flame has found it very difficult to balance his ego with what he feels.

He says that it is best for everyone if we do not talk but I text him when I feel compelled to and he sometimes responds and suddenly stops as we converse.

I am used to his sudden disappearance; One minute he is chatty, sweet, and cute but then the next minute he just doesn’t respond to me or he becomes cold and distant.

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