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Does a Twin Flame always choose you?

Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return? – What happens when the Runner wakes up?

It is very challenging for the Twin Flame chaser to believe that a Twin Flame runner will always come back to you after the separation phase. He or she eventually comes back to you if you are true romantic Twin Flames. 

Even though a Twin Flame runs from you, the love connection stays with you. You are both always thinking of each other. You feel each other’s essence. You live inside each other.

When you meet a Twin Flame, there is no choice whether you wish to choose him or her. Your connection is divinely guided. You are both chosen to meet in this lifetime.  

When a Twin flame runs from you, he or she is always stalking you. They want you to know that they exist even though he or she is in hiding. Also, your Twin Flame is always tracking your whereabouts. He or she cannot stop thinking of how special you are. You share a Soul.

Every time I judge my Twin Flame, I feel like I am judging myself. I feel a very uncanny familiarity with him. My Soul recognized him before my mind did. I went into a Soul shock phase because I could not believe that a person like him exists. He sees my Soul when he looks into my eyes. I believe everything he tells me when I look into his eyes.

I choose my Twin Flame every day. I feel like I have no choice because we are one. I went through a phase of energetic merging with my Twin Flame. Ever since then, I feel his essence with me. I hear his thoughts. Sometimes I feel like we are seeing everything through the same lens. I feel whole with my Twin Flame energetically, emotionally, Spiritually, and psychologically. I have been separated from him for three years. 

When we went through a phase of estranged communication, I knew in my Soul that he still loves me. Every moment that I got to thank him, I took it. I always thanked him for triggering the changes in my life. I told him that if it was not for his running away, I would never have discovered my inner strength.

The more my Twin Flame pushed me away, the more he was pushing me towards myself. I went deeper within myself to figure out why I was chasing him. I had to look within myself to stare into the darkest parts of my Soul. It was a very challenging moment because I had to break down all the walls within myself that I had built against love.

I told my Twin Flame that I had not realized all along that I had pain within. I also told him that I felt unexplainable fear and I did not know what the root cause was. Meeting him inspired me to grow my inner strength to love myself. To accept me.

It has been a very long journey of self-love and self-rediscovery. I am very thankful for meeting my Twin Flame.

My Twin Flame keeps popping back into my life randomly. The other day, he called home for over an hour. And then called again a week later.

I argue that if you believe that a Twin Flame will always come back to you, they eventually do. You must feel drawn to the person that you love. You must allow yourself to feel the connection. You must Surrender to the love connection that you feel. 

You must bridge the gap between doubt and desire. You cannot have both. If you love your Twin Flame and you know that you will do anything to be with him or her, let your actions show. Prepare yourself and your life situation for a reunion. Work towards the blockages that are blocking you. Transform yourself into the best version of yourself. Your authentic self will always attract your Twin Flame back.

More so, believe in your connection to your Twin Flame. Trust how you feel within. Trust that divine timing is at play in both your lives. Most of all, love your Twin Flame with your heart and not with your mind.

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