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Does having sex with others slow down twin flame reunions?

Yes of course! Look, you either choose your Twin Flame or you don’t but you can’t have it both ways.

Karmic Partners: When I met m Twin Flame, I lost interest in dating others. I have been celibate for over two years since I met him.

The same applies to normal relationships; You either commit or not and there is a difference in whatever choice that you make.

Imagine if you are a Twin Flame and your partner sleeps with others, would you rush to be with them? — No! — You would assume that they moved on.

Physical separation is the test of Twin Flame’s unconditional love. Here is why?

You will have doubts as to whether they are your divine partner or not. You will also trust them less if they don’t have the patience to wait for you.

Secondly, I believe that sleeping with others while you are going through a Twin Flame connection bogs down your energy in the connection.

Imagine waking up in someone else’s bed when you are tormented by your Twin Flame’s energy? It will complicate the situation for you.

Twin Flame Awakening is a SACRED experience — you are transformed for the best.

From my past experiences, having sex with others entangles your auras with others. Every time you have sex with someone, you take energy from them.

The Twin Flame connection is about clearing energy and karma — I believe that sleeping with others only taints your point which slows down your healing.

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