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Does it bother you when your Twin Flame runner does not Wish you a Happy Birthday?

Due to the estranged communication between you and your Twin Flame, you will end up not communicating at all especially when you believe that it matters when they wish you a happy birthday or send you season’s greetings during the festive holidays.
It is more infuriating when you see your Twin Flame online sometimes and responding to other people on social media but even though you reach out, they tend to ignore you.
From my experience being on this Twin Flame journey for almost three years, I now understand that it is not personal when your Twin Flame does not reach out especially if they are resisting the feelings they have for you.
One day when they give you an explanation for their behavior, it will eventually make sense to you why they were ignoring you. Sometimes it is for the best to give your Twin Flame space to let them work through their Twin Flame situation.

Twin Flame love is very overwhelming and it catches you by surprise and if your Twin Flame is overwhelmed by how they feel, it is a natural response to the intense unconditional love that grows every day within them.
You always feel the Twin Flame love growing within you. You eventually understand that you d not need to be physical with your Twin Flame to feel the connection.
I tried wishing my Twin Flame a happy birthday twice but he kept ignoring me, and he never wished me a happy birthday directly but he would check in with our mutual friends to find out if I was having a good time.
Your Twin Flame loves you very much believe it or not.

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