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Does my twin flame feel my energy the same way I feel his or is mine more intense because I’m in tune?

You will be surprised if your Twin Flamefeels you more intensely than you feel him.

It’s funny you ask this because I just woke up feeling him and I said my thoughts out loud; ”There you are!”

I wish I had the perfect words to describe to you how I feel right now because I feel heavenly feeling him like this. It is breakfast time on the continent he is at and I know that he is waking up.

I bet he doesn’t know that he is making it difficult for me to sleep because the euphoric feelings he is sending to me are making me high on love. I feel more than amazing! It feels like he is here with me holding me.


Is this what heaven feels like? I am beyond happy.

The truth is that I haven’t seen him in two years. We throw each other brief text messages here and there because what we feel for each other was too intense at the beginning and we both had our issues to work out.

ran first from the connection and then he did. We both ended up not talking to each other because I for one got separation anxiety.

It is indeed true that Twin Flameseparation is an illusion because how is it possible that our love is only becoming more purified instead of fading? I thought that separation changes everything but I was wrong. SEPARATION

How is it possible to love someone unconditionally without feeling lust for them?

How is it possible to feel this deep love without physical intimacy?

How is possible to always REMEMBER a Twin Flame?

My heart is radiating love for my Twin Flame that I get choked by my emotions and I cry. I feel healed and empowered to live my life without my Twin Flame but where do I put this love that I feel for him in the Soul?

I can move on with my life but how do I get closure first?

I feel like if I gave this love to someone else who is not my Twin Flame, they will explode. Lol.

I have been finding ways to help others in my community. I feel like it’s the only way to channel this unconditional love that I feel for my Twin Flame.

I am also thinking of going back to music school – it’s been such an invigorating experience after meeting my Twin Flame.

I love life! ❤️ You can start rediscovering your life with Self-Love!

Thanks for asking this question. I hope that my perspective helps you with your question.

I have more tips in my Bio for your everyday motivation.

Stay blessed.

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