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Does the runner/chaser switch?

Most of the time before you grow out of the running and chasing phases, you both experience being both a runner and Chaser even though the events are brief and insignificant.

There was a time when I intensely chased my Twin Flame after I tried to block him out of my life. I wanted to ask for forgiveness for trying to run away from him and I pushed him further away. If you are struggling with the pain of Separation, here are some recovery tips for you.

Whenever I stopped chasing him, he would come back into my life abruptly and in most cases, I never felt ready to talk to him so I ended up trying to run and hide from him because I felt overwhelmed thinking of reconnecting with him.

There is a phase on your journey when you feel exhausted from chasing your Twin Flame so you choose to surrender and accept the situation.

Also as a Chaser Twin Flame, you get used to a life without your Twin Flame; you accept the emptiness that you feel and keep moving on with your life.

Sometimes you completely accept to miss your Twin Flame and you choose to replace the longing that you feel with things that bring love and meaning into your life.

You love your Twin Flame but you choose to move on with someone else — you know it in your soul that you will never love anyone else the way you love your Twin Flame but you carry on with the journey of life.
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