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Does your Twin Flame feel your sadness and emotions?


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Because of the energetic Oneness that Twin Flames share, you always channel each other’s longing and desires.
Because of the Soul intimacy, that you share with your Twin Flame, you sometimes feel like you live in each other’s minds.

You as if you are always compelled to chase your Twin Flame because you feel their intense feelings.

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When I feel sad, I always feel a distinct energetic feedback loop as if my Twin Flame knows how I feel.
Sometimes if I am crying, I feel like his essence is comforting me and hovering all over me.

When he is sad, I always know how he is feeling. I feel excruciating emotional pain coiling around my heart area and it intensifies if I don’t acknowledge it.


Understanding Twin Flame





Sometimes my heart area feels warm with intense energy and sometimes I puke first so that I can have some relief from the intensity of the emotions.

Sometimes I break down and start sobbing
I have been through the most distinct stages of my Twin Flame journey and whether I am feeling happy or sad, I always think of my Twin Flame.


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