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Has anyone ever astral projected to see and speak to their twin flame?

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Firstly, I am not a “Spiritual person”: I know that it might sound crazy to anyone who has not met a Twin Flame — astral projection is real. It happens naturally. When it happens to me, I feel like I am a spiritual being going through a human condition.

Somehow you feel like your spirit communicates with your Twin Flame is another kind of sacred spiritual space. There are no hate, fear, anger, judgment, or boundaries here. You speak to each other soul to soul. Heart to heart.

I am still gathering the right words to explain my astral projection experiences. It feels like a dream but you are wide awake.

It is a transcendental Spiritual experience….. (For more about Twin Flame Spiritual Ascension, please check out one of my Spiritual Guides for a Non-spiritual Twin Flame.)

Anyway, from my experience:

Twin Flame Ascension is a transcendence experience. It is the process of rising to higher Spiritual power. Ascension is also the improvement of your Spiritual condition; The condition of your consciousness.

When you ascend higher as a Twin Flame, love enters you where fear used to be. You improve your physical reality. Enlightenment also boosts your inner sense of well-being.

Transcendence is the process of rising beyond the limits of possible experiences. It is the highest holistic level of human consciousness. When you Spiritually ascend, you have deeper knowledge about yourself and the world around you.


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Twin Flame Ascension is also the process of Spiritual Evolution. You become part of the Universal Consciousness. You also exist as the shared energy of oneness beyond your original mortal form.

Twin Flame Ascension is also governed by the divine nature and power which is fully independent of the material Universe beyond all physical laws.

When you Ascend as a Twin Flame, you have a paradigm shift. You experience an altered state of consciousness. You are less concerned with material things. You can perceive reality with greater objectivity.

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Stay Blessed!

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