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How difficult is it to meet a twin flame while married to someone else?

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Meeting a Twin Flame while you are in a relationship is quite uncomfortable because you have to make challenging choices to either divorce your previous partner or choose to stay married. Either way, you will experience the different changes that the Twin Flame awakening brings into your life.

It is very infuriating watching your Twin Flame in a relationship with someone else because you cannot stop loving them even though they seem happy with someone else.

Your Twin Flame will eventually return when they are ready to confront the nature of your Twin Flame relationship if they are still married, and until that time comes, you must find ways to move forward with your life while you keep yourself happy.

When a Twin flame runs into a new relationship or has sex with other people, does it change how they feel for you?
I was previously the Twin Flame runner when I tried to physically block my Twin Flame out of my life and then later became the chaser when I thought that they would forget about me once I ran.

It is natural to crave sexual intimacy sometimes when you feel the despair and loneliness of missing a Twin Flame.
However, running into a new relationship after meeting a Twin Flame intensifies the longing for the closeness of a Twin Flame. You are always left dissatisfied after having sex with anyone other than your divine partner.

Nothing can affect the love connection to a Twin Flame because it is a natural feeling and the more you stay physically separated, the more you wonder if the pain of missing them will ever dissipate.

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