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How do I know the anxiety and dread that I felt when I went through the DNOS on the twin flame journey, is mine or her’s? It just comes out of nowhere at times, I go from a feeling of surrender to a DNOS state.

I think I know by what you mean by anxiety and dread. I have been on this Twin Flame journey for over four years. I still randomly feel unexplained anxiety that is not particularly mine. It never used to happen to me until I met him.

I feel like this is the part of the spiritual aspect of the twin flame experiences that is challenging to explain to a non-twin flame.

It is such an overwhelming feeling when you channel anxiety that is not yours. You cannot control the intensity of your emotions. You feel instantly rattled up without a direct cause.

For me, when it’s my anxiety— it is easy to calm myself down. I easily figure out a solution because I can easily tell the trigger. When it’s my Twin Flame, it is such a restless feeling. Sometimes it quickly passes and other times, it lingers on. If it persists I feel endless desolation. I feel like purgatory. Usually I just let all the alien feels pass through me.

I hope that my answer helps you.

Stay Blessed!

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