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When energetically communicating with a Twin Flame, you feel both your hearts beat as one; your heartbeat changes.
There are days when I receive intense thick energy from my Twin Flame that I cannot contain that it forces me to throw up before I feel better; it feels like my heart would break open from the intense energetic share.


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Heart Chakra heats up:
When I open my heart to receive feelings from my Twin Flame, it feels euphoric and feels like I am high on love. My heart area heats up with warm feelings of love that he sends my way. I usually send back feelings of love.


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Mental conversations:
I always feel like I am talking to my Twin Flame in my head; the conversations sound real and usually are about circumstances going on in our lives.
Tingling physical sensations:
Sometimes I feel physical sensations as if my Twin Flame is running his fingers all over my body.

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