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How do you express your feelings to your twin flame?

The fear of confronting a Twin Flame — is the moment of truth.

It is very alarming to catalyze the truth that your Twin Flame mirrors to you both your fears and deepest desires.

The moment you sit down to write a letter, an email, or make a phone call to talk to your Twin Flame, you feel frightened.

Your heart beats fast. Your mouth gets dry. You react the way most people do when a plane loses an engine.

You are always afraid of initiating contact because of the unprecedented feedback recourse yet the silence inspires you with terror.

You approach the idea of telling your Twin Flame how you feel with an apprehension that you will not feel embarrassed once you let the truth out.

The moment of truth is when you have to sort through your thoughts and emotions to figure out the best way to be adroit.

The time for running, planning, and talking are over — you have to let your Twin Flame know the truth of your heart.

The moment you wish to reach out to your Twin Flame to let them know how you feel, you feel like you are about to be swallowed by a big black hole.

The one question that goes through your mind at that moment is; “How do I start?”

The best time to reach out to a Twin Flame is when you feel no fear holding you back. When all is the prospect and clear in your mind.

The problems only arise when you start to have negative thoughts about your Twin Flame’s response before you attempt to reach out.

When you have expectations about which kind of feedback you will receive, you feel crippled with fear.

You will never succeed in fulfilling your expectations.

Telling your Twin Flame how you feel never turns out as embarrassing as expected. It never is as bad as you think.

The first awful thing about making the attempts to reach out is that you realize that the feedback to wish to receive is not going to be as great as you envision.

Once you let your Twin Flame know how you feel, it is no longer a secret. It is left to your divine partner to process the information and give you their feedback however they wish.

Your Twin Flame can choose to be surly, and insolent towards you.

When you have the fear of receiving negative information from a Twin Flame, it is easy to panic, get emotionally blocked, or give up communicating with them altogether as an impossible dream.

It is an impossible dream; there will never be a right timing to express your feelings.

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