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I blocked him at first because I was jealous; he seemed happy without me. Immediately after I blocked him, I regretted it and followed him again. He follows me but I do not follow him.

I am happy that I do not see their social media because it would drive me crazy. I used to always be on social media before I met my Twin Flame.
I was one of the influencers.

Once I met my Twin Flame, the meaning of my life changed. I started to crave a life of meaning and authenticity.
I realized that I was very exposed to the internet. Since the Twin Flame process has taught me how to love myself, I learned that I did not love feeling exposed to the internet.

The Spiritual awakening phase also taught me how to embrace solitude: I always wanted to be alone to either meditate or sit in a quiet corner and feel the Twin Flame shared energy.
I have learned to get to know myself better ever since I deleted my Facebook account. I have diverted the energy towards finding a fulfilling life purpose that involves helping other Twin Flames.

]When I was still connected with my Twin Flame over social media, I was always checking to see what he was doing.
Sometimes I would stalk the girls whose photos he liked. I felt like a stalker. I did not enjoy feeling insecure.
I realized that social media is not the right channel for us to keep in touch. I find it superficial and unrealistic.
I could not keep up with the emotional stress that comes from trying to please everyone. I could not match my expectations.

This is my perspective. What is yours?
Stay Blessed!
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