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How do you feel your Twin Flame in heart space?


When it comes to the Twin Flame connection, you feel every emotion and feeling using your heart space. It is a learning process to embrace feeling a Twin Flame connection because it gets confusing at first when you are new.

When you chase a TwinFlame or run from the connection, it is because you have not yet learned to embrace your experiences with an open heart. You are afraid to feel your Twin Flame from within. You chase your Twin Flame thinking that he or she has the answers to the questions that you have. 

On the other hand, when you run from the connection, you are also afraid of feeling the connection. You think that if you blocked your Twin Flame from your life, you will feel better — you assume that the connection would fade.

Both the Twin Flame runner and the chaser must learn to embrace the connection from the heart space. You both have to accept how you feel within.

The Twin Flame journey is called the battle from within the self because you travel within yourself. You take the journey by listening to your soul; you have to open your heart to the connection. You have to let the Twin Flame feelings consume you.

When you start listening to yourself; how you feel, the Twin Flame process becomes easier. Being a Twin Flame becomes more of a blessing. You realize that understanding the nature of your Twin Flame situation is more important than running or chasing.

The Twin Flame journey exists not only to teach you how to embrace the Twin Flame energy but also to expose the gifts of Twin Flame Awakening.

You learn whether your Twin Flame is in your life or not, it does not change how you feel. The love connection keeps growing. You evolve and transform into a being of love and light. You feel free from the pain and fears that blinded you from your inner power.

Stages of the Twin Flame Love

You have always been a Twin Flame. Before you encounter your divine partner, you feel like you were not living life to the fullest because you were blind to yourself. The Twin Flame encounter triggers you into a process of Awakening to yourself psychologically, Spiritually, emotionally, and energetically.

The Twin Flame encounter is a blessing because when you wake up to yourself, you start to live a life of truth and authenticity. You seek to manifest your Spiritual gifts. You gain enlightenment and a shift in the paradigm of your life situation.

Going through the changes after the Twin Flame Awakening is inevitable. Your energetic vibration changes. You want to align yourself with things and people with the same vibration frequency. You end up changing your friends, acquaintances, and other relationships. You change your job if it does not make you happy. 

If you are married when you meet a Twin Flame, you are forced to either divorce if you are in an unhappy marriage or improve your karmic situation. Both choices require you to embrace the changes that the Twin Flame encounter triggers in your life.

You do not have to necessarily leave your karmic partner if you are in a relationship. Sometimes a Twin Flame is not the perfect relationship partner. Some Twin Flames walk into your life to inspire you to wake up to yourself and your life situation. A Twin Flame encounter does not have to be romantic all the time.

In my case, I met my Twin Flame and dissolved my unhappy marriage but I am happy being single. I am happy without my Twin Flame and my previous karmic partner. I trust that if a reunion with my Twin Flame happens, it is because it was meant to be.


I still feel the Twin Flame connection — I am still going through the changes that the Twin Flame experience triggered within me. I believe in divine timing. I am also thankful for meeting my Twin Flame.

I have learned to accumulate happiness and peace in my life. I find joy in everything that I do.

The Twin Flame separation phase has given me ample time to embrace my blessings. I learned to unlock the gifts of being a Twin Flame. 

Every new day is a chance to rediscover more blessings.

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