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How do you know that a twin flame feels you as much as you feel him or her?

It all starts with your energetic vibration; you feel turbulence. You know for sure that someone is feeling you on the other end. If you felt chaos in your energy before, it intensifies because you channel your Twin Flame’s emotional chaos.
You go through a mild night of the soul and a quick phase of spiritual awakening. It does not last long though.
If you have any more energetic cleansing to do, you go through an accelerated purge — you feel very emotional in this phase.

It feels like all your senses are opening up to your Twin aflame energy. Some sort of fine-tuning if you say so.
My Twin Flame had a lot of abandonment issues — he also has the middle-child syndrome. He makes fun of it but he says he felt like he was always the forgotten child. The third one of 6.
He blocked me because he can’t hide from me. I disarm him. I make him feel vulnerable.

He was used to putting up walls around himself. He gets cagey but he tells me everything. His inner child comes out. I see him for who he is.
I felt so much pain when he was Awakening. I was moody and I cried a lot. I could not control my emotions.

I always feel him but I have learned to balance our energy. I am happy every time I channel his energy.
I love him so much.

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