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How do you let your Twin Flame go if they are in a relationship?


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This is the most difficult part of the Twin Flame journey; finding the inner strength to give your Twin Flame the space they need if they are still committed in a relationship. Since the Twin Flame encounter is unplanned, you have no expectations when you meet your Twin Flame and you never know that after you separate, they will be the most important person in your life forever.

The most difficult part of letting go is the first step of separation; you can physically distance yourself from your Twin Flame and stop communicating with them. If you block your Twin Flame out of your life completely, you will always miss them terribly but if you dearly love the, you know that you both deserve some time apart to confront the nature of your Twin Flame relationship. The physical separation is healthy especially if your Twin Flame is married because for the following reasons: (Surrender Tips for beginners)

You do not want to get involved in your Twin Flame’s karmic issues because they have to learn their Soul lessons so that they can transform and grow.

Also, if you are constantly in your Twin Flame’s life, you become a distraction which delays the process of dissolving their karmic ties to have a chance to be with you.

You also do not want to make your Twin Flame cheat on their karmic partner with you – if they have marital obligations to fulfill, you need to give them the space that they need.

All in all, trust that if your Twin Flame loves you, they will do anything in their power to free themselves so that they can be with you. Nothing can ever sever the Twin Flame bond.

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