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How do you overcome the Twin Flame runner fears?

As you move forward on your Twin Flame journey, you will confront your fears.

Fear is natural; there is always fear whenever you start a new project or take on a new adventure.

Do not let fear stop you from taking the necessary steps to achieve the reunion that you desire with your Twin Flame.

Fear is a feeling or an emotion to be acknowledged, experienced, and accepted as you go through the different phases of your Twin Flame experiences.

Fear is also a signal to stay alert and cautious. It is a sign that you are out of your comfort zone.

You can feel the fear and still move forward with your learning experiences.

Acknowledge that your fear exists but do not let it keep you from doing the necessary tasks.

Allow yourself to feel the uncomfortable feelings of fear so that you can have a higher chance of overcoming your obstacles.

Some fears are self-created; you frighten yourself by fantasizing about adverse outcomes of any activity you might pursue or experience.

You can stop the self-created fear by bringing yourself to a place of clarity and peace. You have to face the facts instead of giving in to your imagination.
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