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How do you prepare for a Twin flame reunion? 

You have to believe that a reunion with your Twin Flame is possible and attainable — you must have faith in your connection and also believe that you deserve to achieve all your heart’s deepest desires.

Prepare your space:

Your inner vibration must align with your physical circumstances and your daily actions must support you to succeed. 

For your desires to quickly manifest, you have to prepare yourself, and your physical life, and plan for the future as well. 

If you have met your Twin Flame in the physical and if you have also had the chance to live together, you already know how it feels like to have your Twin Flame in your life therefore, emulate the energetic vibration and let it manifest in your physical life.

Love yourself:

Self-love is one of the most challenging journeys because you are asked to love every part of yourself and heal your core wounding; the beginning is the toughest but you ease into it once you realize how happy you are when you love yourself.

For a lasting Twin Flame reunion, you must prepare yourself and know every part of yourself so that you are not triggered into another phase of chasing and running.

Make goals and plans for your reunion:

The physical reunion with your Twin Flame is only the beginning of forever and the journey does not end after you reunite rather, it is the initiation into another phase of embracing the gifts of unconditional love.

You have to learn to see yourself with your Twin Flame beyond the physical reunion and prepare yourself to grow a long-lasting relationship after you meet again.

Ask yourself the important questions like; Will you have a family together? How will your living situation be? What kind of life will you have as one with your Twin Flame? What changes will you have to make so that you can both happily live together?

Communicate with your Twin Flame:

Mend the relationship or friendship with your Twin Flame so that you can communicate. 

There is always forgiveness when it comes to your Twin Flame and you also have to make sure that you are on the same wavelength.

If you are working towards a reunion, you must be on the same page with your Twin Flame in some way.

Don’t let yourself be left on the sidelines, always make sure that your Twin Flame knows how you feel for them, and also be sure of how they feel for you.
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