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How do you reserve your twin flame energy?

Twin Flame Surrender Tips: How to free your soul.

I chose to trust how I feel in my heart and my soul because I feel our connection every second of the day whether they are good feelings of euphoria and bliss or sad feelings of longing and desire.

I learned to harness my energy to stay strong within no matter how I feel at a certain moment. I found ways to manage to be happy in my physical life situation even though I miss him.

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I learned to balance my Twin Flame situation with creating a happy life for myself because I do not know when he will be back to me.

Life has to go on whether your Twin Flame situation is going great or not. I found a life purpose; something that I can focus my newfound Twin Flame energy.

Twin Flame Union Guide

You need to find something meaningful that impacts other people so that you can channel your Twin Flame love to help others. You do not need to save the world, but you can impact a life in your little corner of the world.


Understanding Twin Flame





Twin Flame energy is a blessing and not everyone has the privilege to feel the bliss and inner harmony that the Twin Flame connection brings to you once you learn to embrace the shared energy of Oneness.


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