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How do you send love to your twin flame?

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

Here is a simple meditation routine that I have mastered over the past four years. Every time I would love to send my Twin Flame love, I do the following:

STEP 1: Close your eyes: Imagine that your heart is a doorway to the source of the Divine connection. You travel through your heart to your Soul. Also, through your heart, you connect directly to your Twin Flame. You have a heart-to-heart divine connection.

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STEP 2: Sending love to your Twin Flame in your heart is an amazing and simple thing to do. Focus on your heart space and the love that you feel for him or her. Intend on sending love knowing that he or she will feel it and receive it. Even though you have been estranged for years.

STEP 3: Be alert to the messages and impressions that come in form of images, sounds, and dreams. Also, be aware of the sensory impressions like touch, emotions, warmth, heart palpitations, etc. You sometimes can have a vision of your Twin Flame’s memory — A Deja Vu experience that you never lived. It is the side effect of the Twin Flame energy merging process.

It is a learning process to cleanse and purify your energy to widen the door of your heart to feel the connection more deeply. The more you practice meditating through your heart space, the more you will feel grounded in your love connection.

When you move your attention from your mind to feel the connection in your heart space, it shifts your awareness. You deeply sense the flow of your feelings within you.

Become mindful of your feelings. Any fear or doubt you feel is a sign that you are still contracting your heart. You are afraid of feeling consumed by divine love.

I always relax and focus on exploring what is inside me. I let myself feel any feelings float within me. I also let myself feel fear and doubt. I confront any negative emotions.

The further I open the door to my heart to receive unconditional love from the Divine, the more I connect to the source of love. I feel connected to my Twin Flame in my Soul.

I accept to receive love from my Twin Flame. I feel filled with love. I use my heart space to send love back and forth.

If you have trouble filling yourself with love and or sending it back to your Twin Flame, it means that you still have barriers and blocks to be cleared. Inner resistance to feeling love within yourself is a sign that you still have walls built against love.

I hope that this helps.

Stay Blessed!

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?
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