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How does a twin flame feel when they have a long-term partner? 

The moment you meet your Twin Flame, you gain a paradigm shift: Automatically, you realize that there are many levels of loving someone.

My Twin Flame asked me one day during our deep conversations; he said, “Do you love your husband?” I responded, “Yes. But, there are many types of love.”

I know for sure how complicated it gets if you have a joint business with your life partner. The obstacles seem insurmountable if you have children involved. I understand why some Twin Flames choose a Karmic partner over their divine lover because you go through very excruciating situations to clear the path to a harmonious reunion.

I told my Twin Flame that I was going to separate from my husband because I was unhappy. I had been unhappy for a long time over 3 years. I could not recognize the man I married — he gave up on himself and his dreams — I realized that he didn’t have any dreams at all!

When my Twin Flame walked into my life, he shed light on all my problems. It is like I had gotten a new set of fresh eyes and I could see myself and my situation from a fresh perspective.

I realized that I was holding onto a marriage that did not exist anymore. I was living a facade life pretending to all my friends and family members that I was perfect. I was dying inside; I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

When my Twin Flame walked into my life, I knew right away that I had found a home but I also knew that it would take me a while to fix my issues if I wanted to have a chance with him.

I was not in any rush to be with him; I felt content that he is mine and he will always be.

It has been three years of overcoming one obstacle after the other. Some days have been tougher than others. Some changes have changed me in the process.

It isn’t funny how the Universe works — I am preparing myself to move to his hometown and I haven’t told him yet.

I feel my life is re-aligning with his because we have unfinished business.

He has been calling lately and he does it when I pull him into the connection through my heart space.

Stay Blessed!

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