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How does it feel to finally surrender and stop stressing about your Twin Flame?

This is the most blissful stage of the Twin Flame journey. You finally surrender and let the universe guide you.

If you were the driver of your process, you hand the steering wheel to the universe. You become a passenger. 

After you give up the stress of stalking your Twin Flame; the obsession and mind control tactics, you become free of fear.

Interestingly, your Twin Flame recognizes the changes in your energetic vibrations. They feel your energy being withdrawn. The energetic withdrawal creates a void within the runner Twin Flame.

When you physically stop chasing your Twin Flame, they also realize the changes in your behaviors.

Since you cannot run if nothing is chasing you, the runner Twin Flame learns that the chaser was the trigger for their running behaviors.

The runner starts to have realizations that perhaps the chaser’s love is genuine. 

Apart from learning that the connection is authentic, the runner misses the Twin Flame deeply.

The love connection grows strongly once the chaser stops chasing. Chaos also takes over the runner’s life because the chaser’s behaviors trigger them into an accelerated spiritual awakening phase.

Even though the chaser finds healing and inner harmony, you miss your Twin Flame as much as they miss you.

Missing a Twin Flame can compel you to reach out to them, or you both contact each other at the same time. 

If the runner Twin Flame is still hurting within themselves, you cannot influence their actions in any way. You have to give them the space they need to heal.

Sometimes the runner starts chasing; it is a typical sign that they still have issues to deal with.

When your Twin Flame starts chasing you, you feel uneasy. It also gives you closure to understand why you chased them previously. 

If also still have inner issues to deal with, you start running from your Twin Flame.

You are capable of being a Twin Flame runner as much as your Twin Flame partner.

The energetic dance continues until you both heal. The separation cycle can be prolonged as much as you keep chasing and running from each other.
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