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How does the twin flame runner cycle work and why does it happen?

I have learned two lessons about why the runner cycle exists. One, it exists to teach us that love is greater than the human condition. Twin Flame love is one of the greatest forces in the universe. Running from a twin flame is out of fear — you feel overpowered and disarmed. You feel vulnerable and exposed in every way. He or she sees right through you. So, running out of fear of love is a learning lesson: to learn to open up yourself to embrace unconditional love with yourself and your twin flame.

Running in essence is not the physical activity of leaving a twin flame. It has layers to it. When you analyze your running behaviors, you are running from yourself. You are running from parts of yourself that don’t accept unconditional love.

When you feel unworthy of love, you automatically run from it. You don’t want to associate with anything that reminds you of the love that you are hiding from — including your twin flame.

It takes a while to embrace parts of ourselves that we think are unlovable. Self-love is the beginning f healing. It is indeed the greatest revolution.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!

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