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I will begin this answer with some simple advice. If you are not ready to move on from your Twin Flame with someone, do not force it. If you do, you will hurt yourself and the karmic partner involved. Do not use other people to make your Twin Flame jealous.

Instead of focusing on making your Twin Flame envious, focus on loving yourself.

Self-love will attract your Twin Flame back because he or she feels your energy. When you are grounded in love, it attracts your Twin Flame back. Once all healing is achieved between you, your hearts will radiate love towards each other as a summoning — You are both love bound.

Your Twin Flame feels everything that you feel in a parallel way. You know how it feels to be him or her to some degree. You an uncanny familiarity. You feel the energetic magnetism. It does not matter what you try to do to disconnect from a Twin Flame — You feel energetically tethered to each other.

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Before I went to sleep last night, I said to myself, I thanked the universe for my blessings. The Twin Flame journey has blessed me with many gifts of love. I feel inner joy and happiness. I feel grateful for finding my authentic self. I am blessed to have met my Twin Flame. I am grateful for the transformations that I have achieved over the past three years.

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Because of my new energetic vibrations, I have been attracting friends that align with my interests and hobbies. I have also connected with interesting potential dating partners.

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