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How has social media affected your twin flame relationships?

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Is social media good for Twin Flames especially during the separation phase?
When it comes to social media, I find it as a deadly trap for both Twin Flames. It is exhausting trying to figure out what your Twin Flame is doing when you are apart. If your Twin Flame is gregarious, you are always wondering if he or she is having a great time in your absence.

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You always have an ominous feeling about your divine partner’s whereabouts. You get anxious every time you visit his or her profile. You wait for the status updates with undying conviction. You spend so much energy stalking your Twin Flame’s friends who frequent his or her social media. You also analyze your Twin Flame’s photos.
You feel apprehensive all the time. You are always on edge. You feel jealous of your Twin Flame if he or she seems happy on social media.

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I find social media a double-edged sword. It can make or break the relationship with your Twin Flame. The problem with social media is that nothing happens in real-time. It is also misleading; Your Twin Flame might look only happy in the photos but not in real life.

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If your Twin Flame is dating a Karmic partner, it is also very tempting to stalk whoever he or she is dating. You keep wondering why your Twin Flame would choose someone else over you.

Your Twin Flame can also use his or her social media to make you feel jealous. You are ambivalent towards your Twin Flame. You assume that your Twin Flame moved on from you yet he or she is only trying to make you envious.

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I blocked my Twin Flame on social media because I did not want to feel misled every time I saw his status updates. Before we separated, I told him that social media makes me feel insecure and anxious. He still follows my profile.

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