How long does it take to reunite with a Twin Flame after Surrender?

Every Twin Flame whether you are a chaser or runner, you have a dream to finally reunite with your Twin Flame eventually after the physical separation phase. It is very antagonizing and heart-wrenching when the communication between you and your Twin Flame becomes estranged and this happens for various reasons. Also when the physical separation phase prolongs, you begin to worry that your Twin Flame would never return which increases your doubts about your Twin Flame experiences because sometimes you wonder if you are being delusional having faith in the connection that you feel within. Here are some facts that you have to face at any stage of your Twin Flame journey:

You do not know when the separation will end. When you initially separate from a Twin Flame, you believe that you would see your Twin Flame soon but it never turns out to be that way because you realize that the changes happening in your life are divinely guided and for your good. You also realize that your connection to your Twin Flame is sacred because you feel connected to them nonetheless and the Spiritual awakening that you go through brings enlightenment into your life.

Surrender is natural: You cannot force Surrendering during the Twin Flame process because it happens to you naturally – you fall back into your energy and you busk in it to nurture your soul and also heal the wounded parts within you. It is also very impossible to find healing if you have not yet surrendered to how you feel.

Surrender also teaches you patience and trust; to get to a point where you feel exhausted from chasing your Twin Flame and all you want is inner harmony and peace.

You realize that whether you chase your Twin Flame or run from them, it does not change how you feel for your Twin Flame, and the connection only becomes stronger instead of fading.

When it comes to Twin Flames, the heart only grows fonder during each other’s absence. Even though you miss your Twin Flame, your life changes for the best because the Twin Flame’s initial encounter triggers changes in your life and you eventually transform into the authentic version of yourself. You will always miss your Twin Flame and your soul will always pull you towards them through your actions, in your thoughts, and in feeling love emotions for them.

By Silvia Moon

I have been on the twin flame journey for 6 years. I am happy when I not only relate with you through my experiences, I hope to inspire you to feel better about yourself and your twin flame situation. The Twin Flame experience has inspired me to develop incredible inner strength; I feel the impetus to achieve my wildest dreams. I have learned to align my spiritual gifts with my physical needs. Embracing the Twin Flame's unconditional love has taught me different ways to embrace transcendental experiences like beauty, connection, exploration, flow, purpose, and gratitude. I used to have unmet spiritual needs or desires; the Twin Flame journey has taught me the different ways of adapting to change to feel whole and enlightened. I had to dig deeper within myself to face my suffering. I had to integrate the broken parts within: I learned to embrace self-love. The Twin Flame journey is a battle within myself; I had to stare within to penetrate my being to experience the full richness of my existence. I have transformed to reach the heights of my humanity and potential: I am creative, authentic, accepting, independent, and brave. After I went through the invigorating Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening process and reflected on my old life, I began to understand why I felt deeply unsatisfied. I felt isolated from the world as I knew it. I also realized that no matter my social status and level of success: money, power, greatness, and some level of happiness still left me deeply unsatisfied. I yearned for a deeper connection between myself and the world around me. I previously inhibited negative patterns and behaviors that hindered my growth. I rediscovered the authentic humanistic qualities that define me: creativity, freedom, forgiveness, awareness, acceptance, independence, and bravery. Once I found my authentic version as a Twin Flame, I gained more respect and acknowledgment of the uniqueness and sacredness of my humanity. I hope to inspire you to feel better about yourself to find easy solutions to your twin flame situation. It makes me the happiest person in the world. While you read my books, I hope to relate with you as a twin flame and beyond. Always here to share Love and Light. Yours in love, Silvia Moon. Stay Blessed!

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