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How would you advise a married twin flame?

  • Separate your marital situation from your Twin Flame experiences

Treat the two situations differently; Your Twin Flame is not a rebound or an excuse to hide behind if you are having challenges with your marriage. Just know that how you treat your husband and your karmic situation says so much about you to your Twin Flame.

You must understand that your husband is important in your life too. You learn profound love lessons with your karmic partner.

I am grateful to my husband that I found my Twin Flame because they have been friends for over two decades, and when the time was right, we finally met.

My Twin Flame and I both respect my ex-husband very much because if it weren’t for him, we would never have met.

  • Don’t treat your Twin Flame as a new relationship partner

This is where the guilt comes from because it feels as if you are cheating on your marriage if you treat your experience as a rebound.

The Twin Flame experience is more about your Spiritual growth than the ordinary physical relationship. Embrace the wave of change that comes your way so that you can evolve into your authentic self.

Focus on the spiritual ascension, and growth — let your journey take its natural course and trust that everything is divinely guided.

Whether you stay in your marriage or not, your Spiritual Awakening will come over you and you will transform into your authentic self.

  • Don’t discuss the topic of TWIN FLAMES with either your husband or your Twin Flame.

You will sound delusional if you discuss your Twin Flame journey with your Twin Flame, and your husband will automatically feel betrayed by you.

Remember that for you to understand the Twin Flame experience, you must first go through it.

The more you discuss your experience with those who do not understand you, the more you feel confused about your journey.

Be Brave and TRUST your journey if you truly believe that you have met your Twin Flame. First, allow yourself to grow spiritually.

You will find better ways to explain it later along the way once you understand the dynamics of your journey.

  • Separate your Twin Flame situation from your Life situation

This is where it is the most challenging for married Twin Flames. I know that most Twin Flames don’t want to hear this but a temporary physical separation from your Twin Flame is healthy for both of you.

There is so much to “unpack” once you meet a Twin Flame; emotionally, and energetically — it feels as if you are both downloading into each other — the energy share is very quick, and unnoticeable until you are physically separate.

The realization of the energy share can throw you into turbulent emotional chaos because your energy feels entangled in each other.

The energetic share was so challenging to go through because I still felt connected to my Twin Flame even though he was back on his continent. I was triggered into a spiritual ascension and I was always moody.

Don’t look for justification from your friends or those around you. Not everybody in your life will understand how you feel because the Twin Flame journey is all about you.

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