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I feel the urge to contact my twin, but this is not my own emotion, it is my twin’s emotion. I’m the DM, so do I have to be the one reaching out?

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From time to time, I feel like this too. I believe in my opinion that what matters the most when this happens is your response towards the situation and your twin flame.

I used to make a lot of mistakes during the beginning. I was naive about twin flames. When I could channel his feelings, I would take them on as my own. I could not distinguish between what was mine and what was his.

So, every time I felt that urge to contact him even though it was not mine, I would immediately reach out to him. The more I did this, the more it accelerated our running and chasing phase. I could not understand why I put him further away.

>One time is texted him — “I feel you. I accept you.”

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I didn’t know how else to respond to his energy pulling me into the connection.

As I learned to harness my twin flame energy, I learned to control the urges. I learned that sometimes I felt compelled to reach out to him because it was him desiring to reach out to me. We both mirror our deepest desires to each other.

My advice is, let the urge pass because you feel it deep within that it’s not caused by you. If it persists then figure out a healthy way to communicate to your twin flame.

Remember that there is a difference between reacting to the situation and responding to it. I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay blessed!

> It is Soul Intimacy indeed.

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