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I have this feeling I will see my twin flame soon. It’s been 4 years with no contact and he has not given me a reason to believe so. Has anyone felt this before their union?

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I feel this occasionally too. Especially when I feel settled within. When I feel unhurried. I feel imminent knowing that he is going to come back because why would the universe manifest him to me just to take him away. My Twin Flame is the best gift I have ever received on this earth. It is indeed a blessing to know someone like him.

Today is one of those days — I woke up feeling happy. I wondered to myself, what is going on? After a while, my intuition pointed at my twin flame.

I know that he is coming back and the thought of his return scares me to death. But I feel ready to see him and correct all the wrongs.

I apologized to him over the years for running away. I will start from there.

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