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If you believe that you have met a twin flame, what is the one concrete sign that re-affirms that you are on the right path?

You cannot escape Twin Flame Soul intimacy: You feel oneness. You feel like you are disappearing into each other when you are together. To love a Twin Flame unconditionally, you have to share the love with him or her without losing yourself in the process. This is quite challenging because you keep melting into each other in every aspect. Psychologically, Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritually.

We all Twin Flames suffer and struggle with the pain of physical separation when it happens. The feelings of abandonment and isolation keep you in limbo. You have no idea how to reconcile the chaotic emotions that take over you. You feel lost, helpless, and hopeless.

A Twin Flame encounter indeed changes your life forever. It destabilizes what you thought was the norm. It gives you a paradigm shift about yourself and the world around you. Meeting a Twin Flame brings alchemical transformations into your life.

When you are with a Twin Flame you both feel each other. You believe in your connection. You are in harmonious energetic vibration. You both see into each other’s Souls. Meanwhile, when the separation occurs, you have endless creeping doubts. You wonder if your partner misses you as much as you miss him or her.

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