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In the twin flame journey, how do I focus on myself? How do I align with my soul? Does it mean start doing things in the 3D that make me feel complete/fulfilled, things that I’m drawn to doing but never dared to do?

Self-Love is the process of growing your own Personal Power at your core to stay stable, strong, and grounded in yourself; your energy, emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

As you work on staying grounded in your Personal Power, the process of self-love will lead you to discover your true authentic self. Self Love is a process that also empowers you to redefine your life by setting healthy boundaries to what makes you happy and what does not.

Everything you create and discover in this Twin Flame process is all about you as an individual; the other half of the soul. The Twin Flame Journey takes place inside the individual Twin Flames whose shared energy must come to a place of balance and harmony within both partners.


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Having personal power grows your emotional immunity to stay balanced in harmony and peace within. The more you ground your energy at the core the more you are stable enough to keep your emotions, feelings, and thoughts at bay. Once you master how to take care of yourself from within, the benefits will manifest physically in your life.

Your self-esteem and personal confidence go through the roof. Once you discover who you truly are and what you are capable of, you realize that you are so capable of so much more than you thought before.

You acknowledge your responsibility as an individual and you start working towards a meaningful life goal or mission. This is because you discover that you have so much love within yourself to share with the whole human collective.

Self Love also opens your heart to experience love by being open to loving others and you accept being loved back in return. Here, you can accept unconditional love in yourself and express it to others and vice versa.

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Stay Blessed!

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