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Is eye contact significant to the runner Twin Flame?

Eye contact is a means of communication between Twin Flames.
When I speak with my Twin Flame, I always look in his eyes, and sometimes I feel like I do not need to use words because I can tell that he reads my thoughts.
It is such a relief to be in a relationship or friendship with someone who anticipates your needs because you feel effortlessly understood in every form of communication.
I f you have been around a Twin Flame couple, it is easy to tell how they know each other so well.
You cannot lie to a Twin Flame because they can tell that you are lying by looking in your eyes; it feels like they can see through your soul.

Lastly, one of the reasons why the Twin Flame communication becomes estranged during the physical separation phase is because it is challenging to express yourself by calling and sending text messages. The emotions are usually too intense and overwhelming to talk about if you are not looking in their eyes.
Do you feel that your Twin Flame lives inside

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