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Is it normal that my twin flame runner has run again for the second time in less than a year?

Reuniting with a Twin Flame is not the end of your journey. It is the beginning of your forever. Sometimes a brief reunion is for energetic boosting. If you are feeling disappointed and doubtful, you find yourself bumping into your Twin Flame for no reason.

Sometimes he or she calls your phone or sends you a random text message. Something usually happens that briefly reunites you. The separation phase from a Twin Flame is an opportunity to prepare yourself. You have to feel ready, and look ready to see your Twin Flame.

You have to be in the right place mentally, Spiritually, energetically, and physically. Running into a new relationship will not help you forget how you feel for a Twin Flame. Hiding from him or her does not work either.

It is very exhausting energetically, psychologically, and emotionally when you attempt to block the Twin Flame connection. You can try to move on from a Twin Flame — You cannot run away from the connection or sever the bond. Moving on is the most challenging choice. You have to first have closure with your Twin Flame, and the nature of your encounter.

You will not be happy with a karmic partner after the Twin Flame encounter if you are running from the connection. Your Twin Flame will keep chasing you to have closure with you. You both need closure with each other before you move on.

To have closure with a Twin Flame is to find inner peace — it is not easy though. The process of closing the gap between you and your Twin Flame is a reunion. You both accept to confront the situation. You accept your Twin Flame situation so that you can find a way forward with your relationship.

If you choose to never see each other again, it has to be a mutual understanding. If you choose to stay in each other’s lives, you work together to move the obstacles standing in your way to happily live together.

Before you reunite with a Twin Flame to have closure, you have to be in the right space mentally, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. You have to feel healed within. If you still feel inner pain, you have inner issues to work on. Reuniting with a Twin Flame will be challenging. You will also not be happy with a Karmic partner if you run.

The Twin Flame encounter upsets the balance within you. You will always feel your Twin Flame connection even though you amicably separate from your divine partner. All that matters is the inner harmony that you feel when you embrace yourself as a Twin Flame.

You accept your new life situation whether you choose a Twin Flame or a new karmic partner.

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