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Is it normal that your twin flame doesn’t care about your birthday? We are in separation right now. And before we were in separation he wished me on my birthday. I was so hurt by this. After that, we still don’t have contact.

You have to stop stressing about what your Twin Flame is not doing for you and focus on making yourself happy because life is short — every moment that you live, you must embrace it with an open heart whether your Twin Flame is talking to you or not.

More blessings come with the Twin Flame journey and inner happiness is one of them but you have to train yourself to achieve the inner balance.

I also stopped categorizing my Twin Flame experiences like the everyday relationship drama; you choose either to believe the connection that you feel or focus on what your mind keeps telling you.

From my experiences, I used to always wish him a happy birthday for two years but he never texted, emailed, or called me and I used to feel infuriated by his inaction once I stopped stressing about his behaviors, I learned that every year a week before my birthday, he would call a mutual friend who is closest to me so that he would know every detail about my birthday plans.

This year, I was very compelled to reach out to him and say happy birthday and I restrained myself every time I got the urge to send a text message or email.

But, the Twin Flame journey is divinely guided and no matter how much you try to resist what your Soul craves, you end up doing it anyway but not in the way you expect — All the happenings on my Twin Flame journey have been beyond my expectations.

5 days after his birthday, I still had the urge to talk to him to know if he had a special day and I wanted him to know that I think of him.

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An event happened to a mutual friend of ours and I was suddenly triggered to write a quick email to him which ended up being over 10 paragraphs of just talking to him and asking him if he had a great birthday!

He did not reply but he ended up calling home a day later for 3 hours just talking about his life and asking about mine.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, you have to accept change but also you have to give up any expectations out of your connection and focus on enjoying your blessings.

Stay Blessed!

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