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Is it normal to think of your Twin Flame runner daily?

If you have been on the Twin Flame journey for a long time, you understand that a Twin Flame Separation is an Illusion because you still feel the connection growing within you every day and your thoughts constantly race towards them.
The Twin Flame Journey surprisingly gets very interesting as it progresses because you know in your soul that your divine partner is one of a kind and special.
Thinking of your Twin Flame starts from the moment you acknowledge each other and it is not constant incessant thinking of your Twin Flame but rather a remembrance of them.
Your soul remembers them, and you keep wondering how you know your Twin Flame from before. It always feels like you shared past lives.
When you are separated from each other even though temporarily, your soul keeps calling you to merge with your Twin Flame and the energetic pulling keeps reminding you of how your Twin Flame makes you feel.
Twin Flame love is like a euphoric drug and if your Twin Flame is gone for too long, you crash like you are going through withdrawal.

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