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Is it wise to tell your spouse that you met a Twin Flame?

I do not advise you to discuss the topic of being a Twin Flame with anybody else before you go through the experiences. You will never affirm that you are a Twin Flame except if you have undergone some changes.

It is also very challenging to make another person understand the Twin Flame experience if he or she has never met a Twin Flame. You sound delusional if you try to explain the phenomenon.

When it comes to telling your spouse or karmic partner, you will sound like you are emotionally cheating on your husband or wife. Also, you will make your spouse jealous; he or she will not trust you. They will assume that at some point, you will choose your Twin Flame.

Your husband or wife will start analyzing your behaviors and actions. You will regret telling him or her about your Twin Flame experiences.

Also, while we are still on this topic, do not discuss the Twin Flame experiences with your Twin Flame either. You will scare them off. You will sound crazy. You will make him or her uncomfortable.

When it comes to communicating with a Twin Flame, it is best to describe your experiences other than explain what the Twin Flame experience is. Your Twin Flame will have to go through specific experiences to awaken.

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