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Is the Twin Flame Union all about you?

Yes, indeed! The Twin Flame Union is a process of realizing that you have shared energy with your Twin Flame.
I call the shared energy that I feel with my Twin Flame the energy of Oneness.

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If you have not yet learned to embrace the shared energy with your Twin Flame, you feel emotional turbulence.

The chaotic emotions that you feel are a sign that you haven’t yet unified yourself within and this situation happens when you resist the connection within.


Understanding Twin Flame





This is why usually there is a temporary physical separation between Twin Flames to understand what is happening to them and why they feel the complicated emotions.
The complicated emotions rise to the surface because of the energetic merge.

Before you learn to balance your energy from within, you always feel like your Twin Flame’s energy is constantly merging with yours.
You feel their essence hover all over you and you are always channeling their feelings and emotions.
Once you accept that you will always feel connected to your Twin Flame, you gradually start accepting the new shared energy of Oneness.
Before Oneness happens, you go through a phase of energy cleansing so that you can merge with your Twin Flame harmoniously.
Once you embrace the energetic share with your Twin Flame, it changes you completely because you go through an alchemical change so that you are your authentic self.
When you start vibrating at a frequency of energetic Oneness with your Twin Flame, your life magically changes because the shared energy with your Twin Flame brings you inner peace, harmony, and bliss.
You eventually learn to balance your energy and when you do, you start to discover the magic of being a Twin Flame.
When you feel unified within with the Oneness with your Twin Flame, it is what Twin Flame Union is called.
This is why Twin Flame Separation is an illusion.

The Soul does not know separation because it does not acknowledge the physical distance between you and your Twin Flame.
The Twin Flame journey is about unifying yourself from within and allowing yourself to change into your authentic self so that you can embrace the newfound emery of Twin Flame One

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